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-> Best Paper Prize 2020 awarded by the ECPR Standing Group on Democratic Innovations

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-> Political Science Research and Methods Best Paper Prize awarded at EPSA 2022

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-> Winner of the 2012 Giancarlo Doria Prize at Columbia University

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-> Lawrence Longley Award for the best article on representation and electoral systems published in 2014 from the APSA section for Representation and Electoral Systems.

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WORKING PAPERS (under review)

Direct Democracy and Political Conflict — Institutional Evolution in the 19th Century
under review]

The Effect of Campaign Spending on Direct Democratic Decisions: An Analysis Based on Prediction Markets (with Oliver Strijbis and Thomas Willi)
[under review]

Learning From Polls (with Lukas F. Stoetzer and Richard Traunmüller)
[under review]


Political Campaigns and Values (with Garret Binding and Thomas Willi)

Vox Populi — Popular Support for the Popular Initiative (with Patrick Emmenegger and André Walter)

Parties and People — When Do Parties Support Direct Democracy? (with Sarah Engler)